HDPE Liquid Detergent Bottle Manufacturer

With the best industry practices and market understanding, our HDPE liquid detergent bottle manufacturers make a range of premium quality plastic bottles to store liquid detergents. Our Liquid detergent bottle manufacturers use HDPE plastic materials specifically for their formidable and inert barrier.

Our HDPE liquid detergent bottle manufacturers and suppliers make products at a single manufacturing unit based in Himmatnagar, Gujarat. These liquid detergent plastic bottles are manufactured using modern facilities for a quality-driven output.

Elham Multi Plast

250 ml

Elham Multi Plast

500 ml

Elham Multi Plast

1000 ml

Elham Multi Plast

2 Ltr

Elham Multi Plast

5 Ltr

Elham Multi Plast

10 Ltr

As a leading liquid detergent bottle supplier, we ensure a timely product delivery for an enhanced experience.

What’s more?
We offer total tailor-made customizations just for your needs! We make liquid detergent plastic bottles available in various shapes, sizes and colours for an aesthetic feel. You can choose different products from our catalogue and choose a customization option so your product can outshine everyone else in the market.


Customize Your Bottles and Jars

We can customize Bottles or Jars as per required size & shape

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Our HDPE Liquid Detergent Bottle Manufacturer Products

Have a quick look at our product catalog to find packaging that best suits your needs. If you want a different design, we can provide customizations also.