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At Elham, we have a full-fledged team of Lubricant bottle manufacturers and suppliers that provides quality, assured products for the best customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing plant is based at himmatnagar, Gujarat, wherein our lubricant bottle manufacturers make and supply premium quality products using state-of-art facilities and high-end machinery.


Our HDPE lubricant bottle manufacturers offer multiple sizes and shapes of plastic bottles for the automobile industry. The size range goes from 500 ml to 5000 ml based on your needs, with an addition of solid colours for a superior look and appeal.

Elham Multi Plast

500 ml

Elham Multi Plast

1000 ml

Elham Multi Plast

3000 ml

Elham Multi Plast

4000 ml

Elham Multi Plast

5000 ml

Why choose our HDPE Lubricant bottle manufacturers? 

Our Lubricant oil bottle manufacturers use HDPE plastic materials to manufacture plastic  bottles. This specific material is durable, leakproof and, in particular, has the lowest air-permeability rates than other plastic materials, making it the best choice for lubricant plastic bottle manufacturing. Furthermore, our HDPE lubricant bottle manufacturers provide solid products in a minimum period of time, a clear win-win situation for you. 


What’s more? 

To enhance your experience even more, our lubricant oil bottle manufacturers provide a custom solution for your needs. We customize different shapes, sizes and colours in products for a differentiated experience.


Customize Your Bottles and Jars

We can customize Bottles or Jars as per required size & shape

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Our Lubricant Bottle manufacturing company Products

Have a quick look at our product catalog to find packaging that best suits your needs. If you want a different design, we can provide customizations also.