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What is Elham?

Looks and feels of your products are the first thing your customers see even before they get to see its quality. That is why we provide eye-catching, reliable and convenient plastic packaging solutions for diverse businesses. Our products are aesthetic eye-pleasing as well as robust so your customers get the best deal on both fronts. Give your products a modern and unique look by choosing our plastic packages.


We provide plastic packaging that protects your agriculture products from exposure to extreme temperatures while keeping it convenient for transportation.

Chemical Industry

We provide safe and reliable plastic packaging suited for the chemical industry.

Hotel and Restaurants

We provide eye-catching plastic packaging that increases shelf life of the product without compromising the safety of the food and beverages.


Solidify your place in this fast-paced industry by giving your products a unique look, shapes and colors.

Nutritional Supplements

Whether you want packaging for vitamin and mineral supplements or for nutrition and fillers, you will get the packaging of your choice here.

Personal Care

Check out our variety of personal care packaging solutions that are sure to be liked by your clients.


We provide plastic packaging that protects your pesticides from exposure to extreme temperatures while keeping it convenient for transportation.


Protect your lubricants while on the move and give them a fresh look by incorporating our unique plastic packaging solution for lubricants.

Pharmaceuticals Industry

Our packaging meets the needs of solid dose and liquid pharmaceutical customers. We use medical grade resins and colorants to manufacture bottles and jars for our pharmaceuticals packaging.


Get robust and attractive plastic packaging for houseware that will make your products stand out from the market and capture the attention of your potential customers.


Check out our solution for the veterinary segment that allows you to distribute your products hassle-free.

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