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What we do?

Elham Multiplast LLP is a pioneer plastic bottle manufacturer in Ahmedabad that supplies and sells plastic bottles and jars in India. Being a renowned plastic bottle manufacturing company, we serve high-quality plastic bottles in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Furthermore, we manufacture wide-mouth bottles, making us a well-fitted choice for various industries. We have extensive experience and a large portfolio of our offerings that define sustainability, quality, and flexibility.

Whom do we serve?

With our notable experience as a wholesale plastic bottle manufacturer, we serve various industries across PAN India. Our plastic bottle manufacturing company always follows a targeted approach for your industry to bring out something new and innovative!

Agro and pesticides

When it comes agrochemicals and pesticides plastic bottle manufacturer, sustainability and durability is very necessary, as it can affect the environment if not produced in the right way. For storing chemicals, pesticides, inescticides, and fungicides, our product high ensures components stay intact. These bottles comes in various sizes and shapes that meets the quality standards of international market. These bottles are produced with premium quality with long service life, resistance while wearing and efficiency. We make market qualified packaging of bottles and containers that meet the agro and pesticide industry requirements.

Agro and pesticides plastic bottle manufacturer
chemical plastic bottle manufacturer


Exposure to toxin substances and chemicals can be harmful in nature, as it can affect the health and the environment so that is why as wholesale chemical plastic bottle manufacturer, we offer sustainable packaging that is non reactive with chemicals. They are non corrosive and durable, so that you can safely store and use the chemicals when required. We use plastic polypropylene materials to produce plastic bottles from chemical industry. You can easily store the most toughest of chemicals and substances that are ready to go even at a distance.

Food and beverages

Not only the quality of food and beverage is important, but the packaging of it also plays a very significant role in the same. For storing soft drinks, bakery items, food packets, snack packs etc requires good quality plastic that won’t degrade upon food contact, that is why we, the food and beverages plastic bottle manufacturer uses PET plastic materials, as it is light in weight, high impact resistance, non corrosive and the resins also won’t degrade. This plastic is dimensionally stable across a wide range of tempratures. You can easily pack carbonated drinks, sodas in the bottles and other food items in the jar.

Food and beverages plastic bottle manufacturer
Housewares plastic bottle manufacturer


When it comes to houseware, you need something that is fancy, durable and sturdy as kitchen involves preparation, storing and serving. That is why we, housewares plastic bottle manufacturer make the use of PP, PVC, HDPE and PET plastic materials, to provide sturdy products, making it an ideal choice for the houseware. Our plastic bottle manufacturing company brings out the most versatile products that give a premium quality look when kept on shelves, with high storage capacity to manage the daily chores.

Liquid detergent

Liquid detergents and some potent chemicals are specialized in cleaning and clearing the look of clothes. Also, liquid detergents are quite stronger than the conventional powder detergents, that is why we, liquid detergent plastic bottle manufacturer uses HDPE plastic materials as it provides a tough, innert barrier for storing detergents, making the detergent stay fresh for a longerperiod of time. This material is leakproof, making sure there are no bad odors and product being intact.

Liquid detergent plastic bottle manufacturer
Lubricants plastic bottle manufacturer


By sharing an extensive experience as lubricants plastic bottle manufacturer, we specialize in high-strength and pressure-resistance bottles for storing and dispensing lubricants. We use HDPE materials to create high-quality, liner-less, leak proof, and natural cap to ensure stability. Each of our bottles are light in weight and easy to handle. It is specifically manufactured store oils, liquids and other related fluids.


When it comes to storing medicine, supplements, and vitamins, plastic bottles becomes the no. 1 choice for nutraceutical segment. Not only plastic bottles are non breakable, sturdy but they also ensure protection against contanimation. We nutraceuticals plastic bottle manufacturer uses HDPE plastic materials to offer reliable packaging solutions with a combination of quality. These bottles and jars are tamper proof, that serve the needs of industry quite easily. You can easily store powders, pills, gummies, health supplements etc.

Nutraceuticals plastic bottle manufacturer
Personal care and cosmetics plastic bottle manufacturer

Personal care and cosmetics

When you see the products of personal care and cosmetics, each of one of them comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. These products can be in a form of dispensing pumps, bottles, small tubs, tubes, bottles, jars etc etc. and when it comes out to selling out these products, then the manufacturing quality should be upto the mark. That is why we, personal care and cosmetics plastic bottle manufacturer uses PP, PMMA, and ABS plastic materials to create a range of products for this segment. These products will contribute to appearance, ensure durability, and strength. These materials are rugged and safe, with the availability of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Most importantly, there are recyclable.


Plastic manufacturing for pharmaceutical industry comes in various options to cover all the facts of this industry. Various prescribed and OTC medicines are stored in the bottles and jars and that is why we, pharmaceuticals plastic bottle manufacturer adhere to FDA and other regulatory bodies to ensure that the pharma products that comes in a direct contact with these bottles and jars are safe to use. We use solid containers that can be sealed to ensure that there is no contamination within. Our material selection is based on flexibility, stiffness and resistance.

Pharmaceuticals plastic bottle manufacturer
Veterinary plastic bottle manufacturer


Quality plays a role of primary concern when it comes to manufacturing of bottles and jars, which is we bring out the most quality-based, safe jars and bottles for storing veterinary products. Our damage-resistant packaging makes us an ideal choice for this industry as there are excitable and challenging animals that might be difficult to deal with. We, veterinary plastic bottle manufacturer make a wide range of plastic bottles, jars and containers to choose from. These products are available in bulk and it can be easily be used for animals and pets.

What's more?

To give a distinctive experience to our clients, we also customize the bottles as per their requirements. Our bottle packaging is an ideal choice for every industry as we manufacture according to need, and thats what makes us stand out in the market. We share a creative and experienced team of custom plastic bottle manufacturers for your dedicated requirement. As a custom plastic bottle manufacturer, we meet clients' needs by providing their bottles and jars in customized colors, shapes, and sizes with premium quality. Furthermore, we use FDA-accredited resins and colorants for production of plastic bottles and jars.